MSR Fuel Bottle

MSR 30 fl oz. fuel bottle

The 30 fluid ounce MSR Fuel Bottle is constructed in a single-piece impact-extruded aluminum process and painted with the signature MSR red. This fabrication technique creates a smooth surface, free of seams or welds, which yields exceptional strength and stability when pressurized.

Available sizes are:
  • 325 mL / 11 fl oz.
  • 591 mL / 20 fl oz.
  • 887 mL / 30 fl oz.

All three sizes are designed to work with the entire line of MSR white gas (or liquid fuel) camp stoves. The threaded opening fits the pump while the tapered shoulders of the fuel bottle allow the fuel pick-up tube to properly contact the lowest point of the bottle. When placed horizontally during use it allows every last drop of fuel to be burned.

Fuel limit line

The two larger sizes, 20 fl oz. and 30 fl oz., are often sold by retailers as 22 fl oz. and 33 fl oz. fuel bottles. However, the bottles themselves are not marked at that capacity. One could certainly fill the bottles beyond 20 and 30 fluid ounces, but the fuel will exceed the clearly marked fuel limit line. This is not recommended and extremely dangerous since a lack of air space within the bottle means the liquid fuel or white gas has no where to expand.

MSR childproof cap

Newer fuel bottles come with child-resistant packaging (CRP) caps. These operate in the same fashion as safety caps on pill bottles; push down while simultaneously turning counter-clockwise to open. 
Not only does the cap keep curious young children from playing with the contents of your shiny red fuel bottle it helps prevent the bottle from accidentally opening while jostling around in a pack. Some people have reported that after extended use the cap becomes harder to open as the cam mechanism inside the cap slips when being pushed down; I haven’t noticed that problem yet. 
Alternatively, if you don’t have kids and prefer the classic non-childproof fuel cap, then the expedition fuel cap can be purchased separately at most retailers or from the MSR (Cascade Designs) website for around $5.

MSR fuel bottle opening

Both cap styles are fitted with an O-ring which sits perfectly within the beveled edge of the bottle’s lip, allowing for an air-tight seal. As with any O-ring it’s important to periodically check for cracking or signs of deterioration. Moreover, when closing the bottle make sure the thread and O-ring on the cap is free of any debris, especially if you’ve dropped it. This will ensure a leak-free bottle. Should your bottle leak, the first place to look is the cap.

While the MSR fuel bottle is designed for white gas and other liquid stove fuels it is very popular amongst motorcyclists as an emergency auxiliary fuel source. However, you shouldn’t be using the same bottle for multiple uses since automotive fuel can damage a stove.

With the largest bottle at $19.95 and even less for the smaller sizes it’s certainly a worthwhile purchase if you consider the sturdy construction and safety it affords while backpacking or camping with volatile fuels. Just don’t get too attached to the immaculate red paint job. Laying it down while in use will quickly scratch the shiny finish, but don’t fret, it doesn’t chip very easily.